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Shivaji Jayanti Celebration

Shivaji Jayanti is celebrated to mark the birthday of Chhatrapati Shivaji. The Shivaji was a great warrior and heir of Bhonsle clan that is linked with foundation of Maratha Empire. The role of Shivaji was instrumental in foundation of Maratha kingdom with its capital in Raigad. He put an effective resistance to safeguard his kingdom from the Mughal rulers. Due to his various acts of bravery he has become an icon of Maratha pride. The government of India has declared a holiday in the honor of this great aristocrat of medieval times. Shivaji Jayanti is celebrated with great reverence in the different parts of the country.

Let us have a detail eye view on the early life and historical relevance of Shivaji.

This great warrior and aristocrat was born in the hill fort of Shivneri situated in the Pune district. His mother Jijabai was a devotee of Godess Shivaidevi. Some might understand that the young Shivaji was named after the Godess but it is not so, as the Shivaji was named after Lord Shiva.

There are various legends and tales attached to the heroic powers of Shivaji. These tales and folklores say how this able and wise warrior confronted the might of Mughals with handful of soldiers. In addition to these, he made various reforms in the administration. Apart from his martial skills he was a great proponent of Sanskrit language and he played a great role in the promotion of this language in this region. He founded a secular Maratha empire and he was much against the forced conversion. As per some beliefs he went to meet Samarth Ramdas and which later become his mentor. He was very fair to not only his friends but enemies as well.

In addition to these, he was a man of great character and during his campaigns he refrained from attacking places of worship, non-warriors, women and children. He commands great respect for his ethics and valor.