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Navratri Celebration

Navratri is one of the most popular festivals which are celebrated all over India. This is an event which is celebrated with extreme merriment and pomp. But, if anyone wants to enjoy the real colours of this festival, then he must watch Navratri in Gujarat where celebration is done in full extent.

Navratri literally means “nine nights”, and the occasion is celebrated in the honour of Goddess Amba (Durga) who is also believed to be known as “Shakti”. As mentioned earlier, Navrati in Gujarat is celebrated in full extent; here all the nine nights are celebrated with much passion and grandeur. During this period people wear traditional costumes, enjoy folk music and folk dance, with some awesome traditional cuisines of Gujaratis. In this event, local people can be found in ethnic wears like women wearing Ghaghara choli and men wearing dhoti kurta. The dance form of ras garba and dandiya are performed every night during the festival. This nine night dance festival is perhaps the longest in any part of the world.

In the beginning of the event, firstly a puja is conducted in honour of Goddess Amba. After that, starts the music, people form a circle to dance and whirl away till late night. Music and dance are generally of traditional form. Music is principally composed with singing and drumming, but these days’ people also like to use amplified sound systems or a mixture of both with performance of live bands using modern instruments.

This big festival has different names in different parts of India. While in Gujarat it is referred to as Navratri in West Bengal it is called Durga Puja and in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar the same event is known as Dussehra.

This nine day event in the state attracts lots of tourists from all over the world. This fact itself speaks how much intensity is there in the celebration of this traditional and religious festival. This reflects the spiritual values of this part of the world and also exhibits its rich culture and state. One would find himself extremely lucky if he visits here to enjoy this nine day of celebration as it is for sure that this occasion is going to give him a lot of memories.