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About NCP

About NCP

Tough the Nationalist Congress Party was formed in the recent past, it is the true inheritor of the legacy of our great National Leaders who led the struggle for freedom and established the new secular, democratic socialist sovereign Republic of India. NCP, since its inception in 1999 has been imbibing the spirit led by the founding father of the nation. The spirit of Individual freedom: social, economic and political.

NCP at the core

The prime philosophy of NCP is based on the principles and values of democracy, secularism, equity and social justice.. the foremost objective being unity and integrity of India.Democracy would be seen as the holistic outcome of the practice of secularism, establishment of equity and social justice and maintaining the unity and integrity of the country

Secularism to us means fraternity amongst followers of all faiths, respecting each other's faith and co existence among them without any kind of discrimination. Equitable social order where everybody will have equal right to education and skill development and affirmative action for that purpose in favour of the depressed classes is the central objective of the NCP.

The NCP would sustain the unity and integrity of India by strengthening the forces of federalism, especially through acts of decentralization of power and the rule of law without any discrimination based on religion, caste, community, sex, status or place of residence. No longer than 90 days after the party was formed, the acceptability of the party was tested in the elections to the Parliament. The people welcomed NCP warmly, electing eight members to the Lok Sabha. Evaluating the electoral performance of the party the Election Commission of India conferred the National Status to the NCP.

The focus

Guided by Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of self reliance and self sufficiency and based on Nehruvian concept of a mixed economy, equal importance would be given to the public sector, the private sector and the joint sector enterprises in the reconstruction of Indian Economy.

The prime target would be perfect implementation of the economic reforms so as to ensure a better quality of life for the general public. Our vision is a development oriented, transparent and corruption free government.